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 The Bulldogs have launched the Be Loud, Be Fair campaign reinforcing the Club's commitment to protect all fans' rights to enjoy their time at the football, with this short video highlighting the values and expectations of the campaign featuring President Peter Gordon, coan Luke Beveridge, former caption Bob Murphy and Club Legend John Schultz.

Following on from the Club's Member Code of Conduct established early last year, the Western Bulldogs are asking members and fans to support everyone's right to enjoy the footy free from abuse, by siging the online petition below.

Peter Gordon said it was important the Club and its members led the way in providing a safe and enjoyable match day enviroment for all fans.

''As a Club, we are against all forms of abuse, or any other action that degrades or disparages people and negatively impacts their match-day experience.''

''Our Club is for everyone and we want our fans to be expressive and in full voice when supporting our team, but we also expect that they are mindful of their surroundings.''




1. As a member of the Western Bulldogs Football Club, I will conduct myself in way which contributes to Western Bulldogs events being family-friendly enjoyable experiences for all who attend - this means refraining from engaging in disruptive and/or violent behaviour, foul or abusive language or obscene gestures.

2. I will not engage in nor endorse any form of vilification on the basis of race, gender, religion, ethnicity, age or sexuality.

3. While at Western Bulldogs games and events, I will not engage in conduct that could bring the Club or the game of Australian rules football into disrepute.

4. In any forum, including in the media, where I am acting as a Western Bulldogs Member or am identifiable as a Bulldogs Member, I will not engage in conduct that could bring the Club or Australian rules football into disrepute.

5. As a Western Bulldogs member, I have the right to hold and express robust views about our Club, our Board, Club Management and employees; and our players and team, but I will not display behaviour and language that is abusive or malicious.

6. Should I breach any of the above conditions of membership, I understand the Club has the right to act in the following ways:
- Provide compulsory education sessions to correct any behaviours that are in conflict of the Code of Conduct
- Temporarily suspend membership until conflicting behaviours are resolved
- Revoke membership rights and privileges permanently should the Club deem the offence necessary of such action


Peter Gordon
Western Bulldogs

At Marvel Stadium, patrons can report poor behaviour of other patrons by sending an SMS to 0427 767 768 and stadium staff will respond.