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Do you belong to the west?

There’s something truly remarkable about the west.
It’s the people, and their connection to place, which is unique in a very special way.
It’s about ambition, pride, determination, and a real sense of belonging.
It’s about our community, and embracing what is beautifully different about it.
And in the heart of the west lies the Western Bulldogs Football Club, a place which exists to bring people together and create lasting memories, as much as it strives to win premierships.
You can feel it when you walk into the Whitten Oval, and you can see it in our players when they’re hunting the football on the weekend.
It’s written in the script for the Club’s 2019 membership campaign, Belong to the West.

It is the story of belonging. Of place. Solid and strong.
It is the story of grit. Hard like steel.
No holding back. No saying it’s hard.
It is the story of youth.
The fire-bright eyes, fearless and unafraid.

It’s in the theme for the campaign’s artwork, which unveils a rich tapestry that defines what makes the west unique, standing proudly behind player imagery, strong and forward-looking.
And it’s reflected in the Club’s new social media hashtag, #MightyWest.  Just like the words in our team song, it’s who we are.
The Bulldogs will enter the upcoming season full of hope, optimism and excitement, and they do so knowing they have the whole of the west standing alongside them.
Will you Belong to the West in 2019?