Flexi Seating

What is a Flexi Membership?

Our Flexi membership packages are for those who like a premium match day experience on Level 1 or Level 2, with a reduced base cost compared to a reserved seat membership and flexibility to bring friends at a discounted rate.

1. Select the number of games you wish to attend. We have 3, 6 and 9 game pricing options.

2. Once purchased, and the fixture is released, use your member barcode to redeem your reserved seat ticket via Ticketmaster for $10 (for Adults and $5 for Juniors) for the games you wish to attend. You will only need to pay a $10 stadium fee for the games you attend which is significantly less than a Reserved Seat membership saving on average $145*.

3. You can purchase additional discounted tickets for your non-member mates to sit with at the game.

Scroll down to see a detailed infographic on how to find your barcode and how to redeem your tickets.

Members on a flexi product will pay a significantly reduced base cost and a $10 the stadium fee only for the game attended.

Example on savings

Level 2 Gold Flexi 9 Game Membership = $380

On average a 9 game member attends 5 games in a season. With a flexi membership you would need to pay a $10 stadium fee for each of those 5 games = Additional $50 contribution from the member.

Total: $430 (Gold 9 Game base cost + 5 x $10 Stadium Fees)

Level 2 Reserved Seat Membership = $575

Saving: $145

If you were to attend all 9 games, it would cost you $470 - still over $100 in savings compared to a reserved seat package.