Auskick Terms & Conditions

The Auskick Junior Membership is a bonus 4 game General Admission access membership provided to each 2022 Community/Club NAB AFL Auskick participant who opts into receiving an AFL Club membership at the time of registration, by nominating his/her AFL Club of support Western Bulldogs.

If a recipient of the Auskick Junior Membership elects to change the Club originally selected the original Club membership will be cancelled. A new Club membership will only be provided at the discretion of the AFL.

An Auskick Junior Membership card will be included in the Auskick Benefits pack and mailed to the participant by the AFL after payment has been received.

Auskick Junior Membership is not transferable, cannot be resold and is non-refundable.

Auskick Junior Membership is subject to all other terms and conditions of the Club’s membership.

The Club and/or AFL reserves the right to cancel any Auskick Junior Membership without a refund where a member is deemed by the Club and/or AFL to have breached these terms and conditions.